Lets Fly Academy - 'Let your career take off'
Decent money later in your career.
Very respected job
Cool job with great stories
You get to fly and make money at the same time! You get to travel
Fly for free as a passenger 
You have some type of authority at least while in the airport and airplane
Your encharged of peoples lives
Working in one of the most professional industries in the world.
Flying at night and watching the cities fly by you See sun rise at 38,000ft
Seeing sun set at 38,000ft
Seeing the Northern Lights at 38,000ft
Bad pay, at least the first 6 years
Alot of hard work
Long hours, away from home a lot
Somewhat of a dangerous job compared to other jobs.
Lots of responsibility,
One mistake and you can be dead
Have to deal with annoying angry people
Bad job security
One medical problem and your career is finished One run in with the law your career is finished
Fail one test and your career is finished
Medicals every 6 months
Check rides every 6 months
Being an airline pilot is not a career choice it is a life style choice, but if you love to fly then it is just something you have to do.