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10 Tips to PPL Exam success
1. Book your exam well in advance
2. Study as if you're instructing
If you've ever had the chance to teach in a formal setting, be it a classroom or a university lecture theatre, you will have realized that you never really know a topic unless you're able to teach it and answer questions from students.
Apply the same techniques to studying PPL theory. Picture yourself explaining the different types of carb icing, or cloud types, or navigation techniques, to someone else and imagine that person asking you hard questions about it
3. Show up early (and with your logbook)
Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the examination center. This way you can get familiar with the location, find where the bathroom is, drink and eat before the exam, nicely organise your material on the table and relax before the exam starts. The last thing you want is pull into the parking lot downstairs two minutes before, run up the stairs and drop your stuff on the table with your hearth still racing and sweat across your face. Only to realise you left your wallet in the car and your flight computer fell off the bag on your way up.
4. Read the questions
More than once. Understand what the question actually says, not what you would like it to say. It's way too easy to fool yourself into thinking a question matches an answer you already know, or a question you've seen in a practice exam.
5. Do plenty of practice exams.
OK, that's an easy one. Of course you'll practice beforehand, right?
Practice in exam conditions: time yourself and only use the documentation you will have at the exam. No cheating. Identify the questions you got wrong and also the ones you got right only by chance. This will give you a list of topics you need to study again. Only redo the practice exam after you've studied and understood the topics you got wrong.
6. Practice PPL exam at CPL level
That's less crazy than you might think but only applies if you plan to move on to CPL later because the cost of buying the seven CPL theory books is rather prohibitive .
7. Know the VFR Flight Guide inside-out
8. Double-check every single answer
An obvious one again.  After you've answered all questions, go through the list, re-check every single answer and double-check you didn't make any stupid mistake such as clicking the wrong answer or answering question 34 using the multiple choices of question 35.

9. Stay hydrated and well-fed
Don't let yourself get dehydrated or your blood sugar level fall too low, this will impair your ability to think. Don't let your bladder distract you either, pee breaks are allowed. Bring a bottle of water or energy drink and cereal bars.
10. Aim for a very high mark
The pass threshold if 70%. But you should aim much higher.