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Pilot Sponsorship
You can find information of all currently available flying scholarships and bursaries below. 

MMBF Pilot Sponsorship

The MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a charitable trust offering pilots sponsorships internationally. They offer sponsorships and grants towards PPLs and other aviations courses. Further support is available for young people.

More info on www.mmbf.co.uk

BA Future Pilot Programme

British Airways have launched their first sponsored pilot scheme in a decade. The BA Future Pilot Programme aims to recruit and train up to 400 new pilots by 2016.
BA will recruit and train new pilots through one of three Flight Training Organisations (FTO) which include CTC Aviation, Oxford Aviation and Flight Training Europe.Willing applicants will need to apply for the programme through one of these three FTOs. Each FTO will screen candidates before sending them BA HQ to participate in a final selection day.Successful applicants will be offered a position as a First Officer with BA and will be sent to their chosen FTO for flight training.Each recruit will need to secure a security bond to cover training costs which will be paid back from their salary once they are flying for BA.
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Atlantic Airlines Cadet Scheme

Atlantic Airlines, the UK's largest independent cargo carrier, are recruiting cadets for their pilot sponsorship scheme. This excellent scheme funds current PPL holders through to a frozen ATPL, where the cadet will become a first officer with Atlantic Airlines. The cadet will pay back 50% of training costs from their salary once a fully qualified pilot.This scheme is highly recommended as Atlantic Airlines are one of the few airlines sponsoring such a scheme today. As well as flying training, the scheme exposes the cadet to all aspects of the airline from operations to sweeping the hanger floor.
Atlantic Airlines Cadet Scheme
Sponsored pilot training for current PPL holders to a fully qualified pilot (frozen ATPL) working for Atlantic Airlines.
Entry Requirements
  • Hold a current JAR PPL, preferably with night rating, with 150 logged flying hours
  • Hold a Class One Medical Certificate
  • Hold a UK driving licence
  • Be 18-26 years old
  • Be eligible to work in the UK
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CTC Wings Pilot Sponsorship

CTC wings offers a world class sponsored pilot training programme. They are partenered with some of the top airlines including British Airways, Monarch, Thomson, Easyjet and others.On completion of the course graduates can expect to be recruited by one of the partner airlines.
CTC Wings Pilot Sponsorship
Sponsored pilot training all the way to an airline pilot.
Entry Requirements
  • 5 GCSEs inc Maths, English & Science ( C grade & above).
  • 2 A-Levels C Grade & Above ( Maths & Science based subjects preferred).
  • Be fluent in the English Language.
  • Hold the right to live and work in the EU.
  • Be able to produce a crinimal record check.
Intake - Applications are accepted most of the year.
Further Info visit CTC Wings for more info.

Glen Stewart Flying Scholarships

The Glen Sewart trust offers PPL scholarships for 15-20 years olds. The trust was founded in the memory of Glen Steward who was a talented flying instructor.Glen Stewart Flying Scholarship 
Fully funded training towards a PPL.
Entry Requirements
  • 15-20 years of age.
  • Should be able to obtain a JAA class two medical certificate.
  • Must be a UK citizen.
Intake - Dependent on the funds raised by the trust.Further Infowww.flyingscholarship.co.uk