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Using the radio professionally and accurately has become essential in the aviation world. Radio provides the platform for communication between pilots and ATSU (Air Traffic Service Units). As a pilot you will make life easier for yourself and others if you know how to use the flight equipment and also know what to say.
Passing the FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s License has become an essential requirement to the issuance of any Flying Licenses.
Most aeroplanes are equipped with at least one high quality radio for voice communications which operates in very high frequency (VHF). This set of equipment is known as a VHF_COM and it is both a transmitter and a receiver.
 Phonetic Alphabet
A lot of pilots often think radiotelephony is difficult or like ‘learning a new language’ however the phonetic alphabet is easy to learn and once learnt it’s easy to refer to and easy to understand. In the flying world – English is the language of preference and pilots and controllers are advised to use simple and short phraseology in all their communications.
The Phonetic Alphabet
A- Alpha         J-Juliet            T-Tango
B- Bravo         K-Kilo              U-Uniform
C-Charlie        L-Lima            V-Victor
D-Delta           M-Mike           W-Whiskey
E-Echo           N-November   X-Xray
F-Foxtrot        O-Oscar          Y-Yankee
G-Golf             P-Papa            Z-Zulu
H-Hotel           Q-Quebec
I-India              R-Romeo