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5 Reasons I’m not put off flying
NOTE TO SELF by Tumi Katisi
Airline pilot’s Salary and Conditions
MMBF receives support from Annette Lawless
MMBF Awards & Sponsorships


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5 Reasons I’m not put off flying

1.      There is currently over 10,000 planes in the sky – If that alone isn’t enough of a testament then visit flightradar24.com and you will see that the exact position of each plane and its heading, ETA and route and this demonstrates just how unlikely a crash is.

2.      Flying is just amazing – It never ceases to amaze that the science of flight was initiated. You fire up the engines along a giant runway with a metal tube until it lifts off and stays up for hours, how is that even possible ?

NOTE TO SELF by Tumi Katisi

Tumi 2Bars, the name i came up with for myself ofcourse mostly influenced by those bars on my shoulder which were a mission to obtain and most importantly what made me realize how hard yet interesting and special life is.

See, flying is not something i grew up knowing i was going to do, but I highly favour the day i made the decision that im going go be a pilot. There is no better career path i could of chosen now that i think of it, there is nothing like being in control of your plane and just seeing the world from a birds eye view, ive had several of my mates and family members that i flew tell me how out of this world the view is from those flight levels ,so i learnt to appreciate the beauty of each flight i do as its not everyone who gets to see what us Pilots see.

Airline pilot’s Salary and Conditions

  • Salaries vary according to the airline that you are employed with, the type of aircraft you are flying and your experience.
  • The starting salary for a newly qualified first officer working for a small operation may be around £21,000. Starting salaries for those in larger companies are higher at around £22,000 to £24,000.
  • Some run apprenticeship schemes for fully-trained pilots looking for their first job, where salaries may be lower but further training will be paid for by the company.

MMBF receives support from Annette Lawless

MMBF receives support from Annette Lawless

Charitable Trust MMBF has received support from KAKE News reporter Annette Lawless who tweeted 'Big supporter of the arts too. Glad to see others getting recognized for their hard work' from her twitter handle.

The MMBF which launches on the 27th October 2014 will provide sponsorships and grants for aspiring pilots, film-makers and actors worldwide and will also seek partnerships with relevant institutions from both industries to form supported and sponsored courses and training programs.

MMBF Awards & Sponsorships

The MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a UK based charity that supports aspiring pilots worldwide through grants towards PPL,CPL and other pilot training courses and also supports filmmakers worldwide through training grants and bursaries, funding for first time filmmakers under 18 and provides sponsorship for film related events such as film festivals and film award ceremonies.

Choosing to fly for a career is no walk in the park and we realise that hence we offer sponsorships towards any aviation training course worldwide provided its approved by countries aviation authority.

Lets Fly Academy expands

We are excited that Lets Fly Academy will be expanding early next year. We cant wait to introduce a whole new business model and additional services that will benefit our customers.

LFA New business model

We are glad to announce that we are due to improve our business model at Lets Fly Academy 

Lets Fly on Kindle

Hi All,
Im glad to announce that LETS FLY is now on Kindle - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CWM4L2W 
Be sure to purchase your copy and leave reviews. x MM


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